Red Shoe Project, Inc.



Red Shoe Project, Inc. helps employers create a safe space for their employees.

Provide emotional support services to your staff to break through barriers to productivity, improve employee turnover rates, and resolve emotional strain from your employees’ personal lives.

Create a Safe Space for Employees

This is an opportunity for employers to create a safe space for their employees. With implementation of mental and emotional health services to your staff, this ensures each team member that they are supported when on the clock, during major environmental changes in your business (such as the effects of Covid), as well as ongoing emotional strain that your employees are experiencing off site. (Divorce, loss of a spouse or loved one, financial strain, etc.)

Custom Monthly Packages are available and discussed per consultation between RSPI and your company.

Packages can include and be utilized per your needs:

  • Monthly Team Building Workshops
  • Monthly Team Spirit Day
  • Weekly check ins with staff who express the need for mental health support
  • On-Call Crisis Intervention
  • Telehealth options are available upon request

To learn more about employee assistance programs or to set up a consultation, please call (951) 491-1971.

What We Do

Meet Dawn McCoy (McJoy)

Dawn McCoy, BS, MS, MA (MDIV)

She’s known as “Dawn McJOY” to the public and she shares her heart with those who have been affected in mental and emotional trauma, pain and abuse. As a Mental Health Strategist, Dawn has worked hard to bring comfort to those who mourn and struggle with the after affects of human trafficking, eating disorders, suicide and major depressive/anxiety disorders for over 29 yrs.


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